Classic Bar

The biggest and best bar we offer!

Your choice of rice, beans, 2 proteins, queso or guac, and salad dressing.

Includes flour tortillas, both sautéed veggies, shredded cheese, sour cream, 5 house-made salsas, lettuce, tortilla chips, and chocolate-chip cookies.

(All catering bars include paper products and setup materials)

All catering orders require 48hr notice.

$15.5 per person

(20 person minimum)

$ 310

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Popular Builds

Four different bars to suit any occasion!

We offer our spreads in increments of 20, 25, 30, 35, and 50 people so you can mix and match to reach your desired headcount.

Classic Bar

Classic Bar

$15.5 per person (20 person minimum)

No seriously, the biggest and the best!

This bar caters to every dietary restriction and includes the most customization. Use our price calculator below to get a rough idea on cost before you order!

$ 310

Veggie Bar

$11 per person (20 person minimum)

Ideal for vegans and vegetarians alike!

Your choice of rice, beans, sautéed veggies, guac or dairy (cheese and sour cream), and salad dressing and includes flour tortillas, 5 house-made salsas, lettuce and tortilla chips.

$ 220

Wedding Catering

We know, we know: Queso is the way to your heart. So why not share the love with catering from Pete’s? We make it easy to eat well on your special day—and then some. 


One order serves 10 people

These items can be added on to your spreads and will include utensils, racks, and sternos (if applicable)


Serves 10


$30.00 - $35.00

Chicken, Steak, Mexican Coke Carnitas, and Barbacoa!


Serves 10



Pete's famous queso, lovingly referred to as liquid gold!


Serves 10



Hand-smashed, daily. As we like to say, welcome to the guactagon!


Servings Vary

These items come without serving utensils

Taquito Box

Serves 10

Taquito Box


Our famous hand-rolled (by hands) taquitos!

House Margarita Mix

Serves 40-50 people



1 gallon of Pete's famous house margarita mix


Serves 10-20 people



Gluten-Free Corn Tortilla Chips


  • Selected delivery time is the arrival time. It takes roughly 30 minutes to set up, based on the size of the catering order. Larger catering orders (75+) will take 45min-1 hour.

  • If there isn’t a store near you for delivery, please call your nearest Illegal Pete’s for assistance.

  • Every spread includes bowls, napkins, forks, serving utensils, fuel, and chafing racks.

  • Paper products are compostable while food containers and utensils are recyclable (must be cleaned).

  • Wire chafing racks can be returned to any Illegal Pete’s location in exchange for a gift card ($3/rack).

Generally speaking, the below figures should help you plan for the appropriate amount of table space for your event. Space is calculated linearly assuming the table is at least 3.5ft wide.

  • 20-25 person = 9ft

  • 30-40 person = 10ft

  • 50 person = 11ft

  • 75 person = 16ft

  • 100 person = 20ft

  • 150 person = 27ft

  • 200 person = 32ft

If you are a tax exempt organization, go ahead and place your order through the site and we will retroactively remove the tax on your order. Please note your tax exempt number in the "Made For" box at the end of the spread you are ordering.

Tax exempt numbers typically start with 98 or 81 and we do not accept EINs as Tax Exempt numbers.

  • If a client is not present at the time of delivery, the driver will wait for a maximum 15 minutes.

  • If no one arrives within that window to accept the order, the driver will return to the restaurant with the food, where the customer can pick it up. There will be no refunds.

Cancellation Policy

  • We ask for a 24-hour notice on all catering cancellations. If you need to cancel with less than a 24-hours notice, we’ll charge 50% of the subtotal to cover food cost and labor.

  • If you need to rebook your catering, we will charge 10% of the subtotal and give a 10% discount on your rescheduled catering.

On our main channel, we offer Friends & Family Meals along with Burrito Boxes. Both are great options for groups that don’t quite meet the 20 person minimum for catering. Click the link to go to our main channel!